Our Mission

The Community Academy of Music and Arts (CAMA) is a community based program offering a diverse program of fine arts education for students of every age, gender, and race fostering artistic expression, performance, growth and appreciation of the arts in the greater Nashville area by providing the highest quality arts instruction. Our program is learner centered and service centered to create awareness of TSU in the community.


CAMA (Community academy of music and arts) is a  non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was first established in 2008, marking this year as its 10th year of community outreach. The founder, Christa Williams was an instructor of private piano at Tennessee State University. It later came under the direction of Rod Bronaugh, who continued its growth by establishing a variety of programs that have become signature to CAMA including the Safari Arts Camp, Musical Theater Camp and the CAMA Boys Choir modeled after the iconic Harlem Boys Choir. CAMA is currently under the direction of Dylan Griffith.

What We've Achieved

  • Established a seven year program making the community surrounding TSU our home.
  • Established a diverse array of summer programs.